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Julie Schumer

Private Page

Julie Schumer was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As a very young girl she covered herself in Kelly green paint one day, luxuriating in the sensuous feel of paint, thus beginning her infatuation with painting. At age 5 she adopted an abstract expressionist style, continuing in this vein through high school.


Julie ultimately became a criminal defense lawyer, returning to her art practice in her mid-forties. She relocated to Santa Fe, NM from the Northern California area in 2002 where she has dedicated herself to her painting process. She began her painting career with very colorful and energetic abstract work that has over time evolved into paintings that are more introspective and contemplative yet retain a unique underlying energy.


Over the past 20 years Julie has shown her work in various Santa Fe galleries as well as galleries and other venues across the nation. Her paintings are in numerous private collections as well as the public collection maintained by the Tucson airport and have been featured in numerous publications.

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