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Karyn Mannix

The Artist

After taking many years off of self-creating to work with other artists as a gallerist, curator, dealer, and friend, I decided to get back into making art when by accident one of my artist's work had gotten held up in customs and could not make it to the art fair in time. I had one empty wall that I needed to fill within several hours and made a quick decision to put my new Book Pile Series on the wall, to an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience.  It inspired me to continue to create and speak my voice.
I'm back.

Art as the written word is the direct form of what lies between reflection and expression.

I always use text in my work to help create pieces to be as thought-provoking and interactive as possible.

My work is an examination of the different sides of my personality and the thinking that lies behind it.  In this series, I am using books since they are comfortable and familiar objects to help pull viewers in for closer observation. Adding my thoughts in text is a way of questioning the attitudes, inner dialog, and unwritten rules which we have found ourselves with the current environment and our behavior within it.

My comments on the books are done with a snarky sense of humor and an added dose of reality. They are meant to create a dialog between the viewer and the art.


Karyn Mannix has been in most aspects of the art business…an artist, arts educator, curator, critic, columnist, gallerist, and coordinating five international art fairs.

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