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The Mannix Project
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Private Dealer

Bringing together over 20 years of combined curatorial, advisory, and collecting experience, offering a range of art advisory services with a focus on contemporary art and the secondary market, to help organize your collection and build the right collection for both personal and corporate needs.

Whether finding consultation and/or assistance on your recent art collection or help to start a new or

add-on to a collection.  

A-list private clients, art auctions, trade shows, corporate installations, and gallery presentations.

We work with a long list of artists to fit any need.

Julie Schumer, Olympio, James Koskinas, 00100011, Gerard Giliberti, Paul Dempsey, Keith Green,  Zane Fix, 

Angele LaSalle, Jim Mannix, plus


  • Advisory

  • Archival and cataloging services

  • Art Rental

  • Art Staging

  • Corporate Installation

  • Curating your collection

  • Curatorial Fundraising

  • Personalized art consultation

  • Private Installation

The curator's vision focuses on a multitude of levels, from finding and representing emerging and mid-career artists to contemporaries that are in major museum permanent collections.  

Email for more information and link about the artists

Who Are We
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