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Chip Haggerty

Private Page
For Hampton Fine Art Fair Viewing

Haggerty, an emerging self-taught artist has been on a slow yet steady pace expanding his creativity when time and space allow. Writing, painting and spoken word have each contributed to interpreting life as viewed through his lens. Whether a poem, a radio show, an artbook or a painting is the outlet there is no lack of his humor, deep thought and passion that goes into crafting the end result. Pulling from childhood experiences, parenting, work life, random social gatherings, literature and everyday encounters Chip takes slices of past and present interactions to formulate the foundation of each piece produced. Chip grew up on Long Island and attended school in New England, which eventually led him to Stowe, Vermont where he has lived with his family for the past 45 years.  He began painting in earnest a few years ago after sending an oversize thank you note to a relative. Working prolifically, Chip has only recently begun showing his paintings the past couple of years with group shows through Chandler Center, VT; Firehouse Gallery VT; SEABA, VT; Julia Seabrook Gallery, Brooklyn;  Karyn Mannix Contemporary, East Hampton; The Front, VT and Stowe Living, VT.

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